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Immigration The entry and departure of all persons at ports of entry in South Africa are efficiently facilitated, administered and managed. Immigration laws are efficiently and effectively enforced, deploying to this end significant administrative capacity of the Department of Home Affairs, thereby reducing illegal immigration.

No person shall enter or depart from the Republic unless he or she is in possession of a valid passport, and in the case of a minor, has his or her own valid passport.

In addition to the aforesaid, any citizen born in a country other than the Republic of South Africa or does not hold a valid permanent residence permit (“a foreigner”), can only gain legal access to the country by applying for inter alia one of the following visas:

  • Visas to temporarily sojourn in Republic
  • Port of entry visa
  • Transit visa
  • Visitor's visa
  • Study visa
  • Treaty visa
  • Business visa
  • Crew visa
  • Medical treatment visa
  • Relative's visa or Spousal visa
  • Work visas
  • Retired person visa
  • Corporate visa
  • Exchange visa
  • Asylum transit visa

A visa is issued on condition that the holder is not or does not become a prohibited or undesirable person. The definition of a prohibited or undesirable person is set out in Section 29 and 30 of the Immigration Act.

The Director-General may also on good cause attach reasonable individual terms and conditions, as prescribed, to a visa. The holder of a valid visa does, however, have the option of bringing a waiver application to waive certain conditions attached to their visa.

A waiver application can basically be used as a common interlocutory application when a foreigner does not necessarily meet all of the requirements to qualify for a certain type of visa.

A Visitor’s visa may be issued for any purpose other than categories falling under the visa’s listed above. A Visitor’s visa may not exceed a period of three months and may, upon application, be renewed by the Director-General for a further period which shall not exceed three months.

A medical treatment visa may be issued to a foreigner intending to receive medical treatment in the Republic of South Africa for longer than three months, subject to certain criteria.

A Relative's visa may be issued to a foreigner who is a member of the immediate family of a South African citizen or a permanent resident, provided that such citizen or permanent resident provides sufficient financial assurance. It is important to note that these visas are issued for a prescribed period, usually 2 (two) years, after which they have to be renewed. Another group that falls under this category is spousal visas.

When a foreigner marries a South African citizen and wishes to reside with their spouse in South-Africa, the foreigner will initially have to apply for a spousal temporary residence permit. As with relative’s visas, they have to be renewed every 2 (two) years. After a prescribed period of 5 years, the foreigner may apply for a permanent residence permit. A granted permanent residence permit will enable the holder to apply for a South African identity document.

The holder of a permanent residence permit has all the rights, privileges, duties and obligations of a South African citizen, save for those rights, privileges, duties and obligations which a law or the Constitution explicitly ascribes to citizenship.


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