Who would need to come for Mediation?

Who would need to come for Mediation?
When couples decide to divorce, re-negotiate or split up (especially when children are involved) they resolve disputes around: • Custody, Access and Maintenance of the child(ren), and/or • Division of assets and spousal maintenance

Why choose Mediation?
• You save time and money, the couple can split the fees per session and it takes less time than in litigation to reach a mutually agreed outcome.
• The couple formulates an agreement without the court making decisions on their behalf: they are in control of their future!
• The sessions are without prejudice and confidential. Creating possibilities to generate options for all parties best interest
• If you have children: The Best Interest of the Children are paramount in Mediation: The Children's Act no 38 of 2005 refers to Mediation as an important means to implement the Best Interest Principle (section 7) of the Act, promoting it is a fair and appropriate means to setting up a Parenting Plan. As parents we all want the best for our children no matter how much acrimony we may experience towards our ex!
• The process of mediation is understandable and both parties are heard and acknowledged.
• Open communication is created: to the advantage of future co-parenting and creating the foundation towards closure and stepping towards a new future.

The Mediator:
• The role of the Mediator is to facilitate discussion and understanding around issues of dispute and conflict in order to help reach mutually acceptable solutions and agreements.
• The Mediator can provide information pertaining to the Law and Parenting issues (There may be two Mediators present to secure high quality mediation, in our practice we do not increase the fees when we have a co-mediator present!).
• The Mediator is accredited by FAMAC and NABFAM and experienced in various issues of Mediation, Parenting issues, psychological well-being of children and/or Family Law.
• Mediators are in profession either psychologists, social workers or attorneys in Family Law. They are trained in Family Mediation (and sometimes also in commercial mediation). They can inform the clients in their fields of expertise on what the general research, and law and practice lends toward, but mainly they are skilled to mediate the parrties and open up avenues towards successful dipsute resolution and solutions.

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