Litigation: Maintenance defaulting doctor jailed

Litigation: Maintenance defaulting doctor jailed

Dr Roy Potelwa has been ordered to spend a month in jail by the Eastern Cape High Court (East London) and pay his ex-wife Princess almost R500 000 for defaulting on his maintenance payments, says a Daily Dispatch report. In June 2014, when Judge Glenn Goosen granted the final divorce order, he told the surgeon to pay his wife maintenance and keep up the lifestyle she was used to. Roy failed to do so and now his contempt of court orders will exact a high price. Yesterday, Advocate Shaughan Cole, for Princess, told the High Court that while Roy had little respect for the court, a jail term could be extreme. But Judge Lusindiso Pakade said an example should be made of him. Roy’s attorney, Nelson Nombambela, said his client should not be arrested because he was a ‘professional’. ‘This is a doctor.’ Pakade said: ‘A professional who does not care about the law.’ Nombambela continued: ‘In fact, he is not just any practioner, he is a district surgeon. ‘This will affect not only him, but others as well.’ Pakade replied: ‘Well, that is good. Then this will be a lesson to all who are in contempt. They must know the law applies to all, even district surgeons.’ According to the order, Roy is sentenced to 12 months in prison, 11 months of which are suspended for five years if he complies with Goosen’s order and does not defy future maintenance obligations during the period of suspension.

Full Daily Dispatch report (subscription needed)

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