LEVEL 4 of LOCKDOWN permits attorneys to return to the office on 1 May 2020

LEVEL 4 of LOCKDOWN permits attorneys to return to the office on 1 May 2020.
Our offices are opening on Monday 4 May 2020.
Our OPENING HOURS will resume from Monday to Friday 8h00 to 16h30
FOR CONSULTATION IN ELECTRONIC FORM ONLY including email, telephonic & video conferencing.
1.    We have your health at heart and will be maintaining the highest level of care and caution by introducing telephonic and virtual electronic consultations only for the time being;
2.    The highest level of distancing will be maintained during level 4;
3.    No personal consultations will be conducted during level 4, unless specifically urgently required;
4.    Should you wish to schedule a telephonic consultation, you may call our office on 041 582 5150 and arrange a mutually convenient time, alternatively contact us by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
5.    No documents will be exchanged by hand for the time being, unless directed otherwise;
6.    All documents to be exchanged by email unless the original is required in which event we request that you place the signed document into a zip-lock plastic bag and deliver it to the office during normal business hours, to be inserted into a designated container that will be provided for this specific  purpose, strategically placed at the security door;
7.    Zip-lock bags containing documents received in this manner will be sanitized;
8.     NO Visitors will be permitted beyond the security gate inside the office;
9.    Only one employee shall be present at reception at any given time during level 4;
10.    No affidavits will be attested to as commissioner of oaths to the general public;
11.    Only affidavits prepared by our firm, and which we may legally attend  to as a commissioner of oaths, will be attested to as commissioner, however, deponents will be asked the relevant questions without opening the security door, and with a proper space maintained between the deponent and the practitioner, and provided we are able to identify deponents either prior to signature by way of certified copies of ID documents delivered in the prescribed form, or at the time by a show of Identification;
12.    We consider it prudent not to conduct any personal consultations in the interest of flattening the curve, and will we do our best endeavour to protect our staff and clients against cross infection.
13.    If we are required to consult with more than one party simultaneously, we will attend to online conferences at a mutually convenient time. Kindly do not hesitate to call on us should you require any telephonic or video conferencing assistance. We can assist with SKYPE / MS Teams / ZOOM / Whatsapp Video Calling.
14.    Unless regulated otherwise, any telephonic, text message, whatsapp, email or other means of electronic communication & attendance shall be conducted at our firm's normal hourly rate or part thereof.
15.    Disclosure of fees, disbursements, terms and conditions will be set out in our attorney and client agreement which will be provided by email;
16.    Please stay safe.
17.    We are ready and able to assist you with all your legal needs.
We will continue to offer remote service until further notice.

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Yokhuselo Haven:
041 581 4310 \ 0763127730

SAPS  10111

Family Violence, Child Abuse, Sexual Offence
012 393 2363

CRIME STOP 0860 010 111

Women Abuse 0800 150 150

Childline 0800 055 555

AIDS Helpline 0800 012 322 / 011 725 6710

Rape Crisis at Dora Nginza 041 995 1037

NMU Psychology Clinic 041 504 2330

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